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 If you are thinking about using Sonny's Construction for a project you've been considering, look no further!  


    Sonny and his crew are extremely knowledgeable and professional in every step of the construction. Sonny is very detail oriented and explains what is needed and what you should be prepared for during the construction.  You will get a very competitive quote - he is not out to "take you to the cleaners" by any means.


We are so pleased with the work Sonny's Construction did on our roof, we will be looking to adding on a new deck.  My husband and I can't stop smiling everytime we pull up the driveway and see the roof - it really has made the house look more beautiful!  Again, we highly recommend the services of Sonny's Construction for your project!


Diane & Michael Makarewich


Greetings to those considering Sonny Ridenour as a prospect customer!

    This is a letter of recommendation of Sonny Ridenour.  He has exhibited genuine knowledge of his products and practices based on my recent experience with him and his crew for my recent roof replacement.

I was referred to Sonny through my home and auto insurance agent, as the owner had said she fully trusted him with her own property. Sonny was concerned with providing a semi-permanent fix to my roof until I decided when to re-roof my home. He came out to examine my roof, and recommended that I replace it altogether.


Sonny proved to be conveniently available both via text and telephone at the spur of any given time that I had questions. Upon his examination of my needing a roof, he took pictures and sent them to my insurance agent. From that point on, it was only a matter of a few days until a plan was put into place for a total roof tear-off.

Shopping for roofs is not a "fun" item to shop for. Sonny understood this. He made at least three separate trips to drop samples off for me to choose a color of roofing I intended to have his people install on my house. I picked 2-3 of the 10+ samples that he delivered. I called him to ask if he could meet me to go over color options on what he thought was best. Although he told me it was my decision, he spent a considerable amount of time educating me of what he had knew of based on his past experience to assist me in making the best decisions.

Sonny is a catering, considerate person with ethically sound morals and values. Since his crew installed my roof, I have gotten multiple compliments on the services he has provided. It is not a matter of Sonny's crew only installing a roof, but also a matter of effectively communicating with me along the way to ease the stress of a large purchase.

I would not spend the time to write a letter of recommendation for anyone if I did not fully believe in the services they offer. If a company can provide satisfactory service is one thing; but if they exceed your expectations, is another. Exceeding my expectations is what Mr. Ridenour and his crew provided me. You will not be disappointed!


Theresa R.

Leo, IN

Dear Sonny,

I am writing this letter to thank you for a job well done rebuilding our lake house.  When we first inquired about adding a master bedroom/bathroom, you took a great deal of the time to walk us through weighing the pros /cons.  You helped us to realize we would gain greater benefits by adding on a 2nd story and new garage tripling our square footage from 900 to 2700 square feet.  We were able to gain a master bedroom/bathroom on the 1st level, 1 bedroom upstairs along with an additional living area, full bath and a large amount of storage. Your ability to visualize the finished product and make sure all details along the way are perfectly placed, measured, and built of the highest quality was impressive. It reassured us that we had made the right decision by choosing Sonny’s Construction.  There is no doubt in our minds that you pour your heart and soul into building each project like it is your own.  It is evident as we watched you carefully plan out each step along the way.  We will forever be grateful for your patience, expertise and knowledge.  



Steve & Lisa Swygart

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Sonny's Construction

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